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 +====== Adding HP RPM repository ======
 +As I sometime install RedHat to some HP servers it's nice to know how to add the HP SW repository.
 +Download and install HP GPG key:
 +  cd /tmp
 +  wget http://​​SDR/​downloads/​ProLiantSupportPack/​GPG-KEY-ProLiantSupportPack
 +  rpm --import GPG-KEY-ProLiantSupportPack
 +  ​
 +Add the repository so yum can find it.
 +Create a repository file and add RPM location.
 +  vi /​etc/​yum.repos.d/​hp.repo
 +  name=HP Tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever - $basearch
 +  baseurl=http://​​SDR/​downloads/​ProLiantSupportPack/​RedHatEnterpriseServer/​6Server/​x86_64/​current
 +  enabled=1
 +  gpgcheck=1
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